How to earn astrological units

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Take out a loan on an NFT
The more you borrow, the more astrological units you earn. If you repay your loan early you won’t receive the full astrological units distribution.
Repaying your loan early will earn you negative astrological units.
Provide liquidity to a vault
The longer you provide liquidity to a vault, the more astrological units you earn.
Buy an asset in liquidation
Buy an asset in Dutch auction to receive astrological units.
Send an asset to liquidation
Liquidate an expired loan to earn astrological units and receive a liquidation bonus upon settlement.
Provide liquidity to a promotional vault
Some vaults receive extra promotional astrological units. Contact us if you want your favorite collection to receive extra astrological units!
Become a strategist
Reach out to the team about becoming a verified strategist. You’ll earn astrological units when users lend to your vault.
Lose astrological units if your asset is sent to liquidation
Astrological units are deducted from your address if your loan is liquidated.